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Annie O Donnell Katy Cole Sarah Tulloch

The recent rationing of physical human interaction, and the resultant sense of loss, led our artists’ collective to confront separation from each other, and the modes of working we took for granted. To overcome this, we used the ABODE RESIDENCY at The Auxiliary to build a call and response model, working in individual ‘shifts’, within a purpose-built Pod, a vehicle to bring us together in the same space, at different times. The Pod, and its relationship to gallery space, became a metaphor for the individual and the collective, the interior and the exterior. Collage, sculptural and time-lapse techniques allowed us to mirror and transform the digital strategies used to ‘stay in touch’ across the world, across generations and across time zones. Elements from this winter residency have been collaged into and onto the installation for Middlesbrough Arts Weekender to expand our thinking about working together collectively.

Katy Cole, Annie O’Donnell and Sarah Tulloch have evolved a collaborative process that shares roots in movements from Dada to Arte Povera and Arte Util. The artists examine making and exhibiting as research tools to unfold parochial, subjective approaches to ‘collage practice’. The project continues the tradition of collage as a strategy for cultural critique and as an indicator of future political and social directions. Katy and Sarah are based in Newcastle and Annie in Middlesbrough. Previous projects include: INDICATOR at The Newbridge Project, CATEGORY ERROR at Platform A Gallery and SIDER at Pineapple Black Gallery.

Annie: https://www.instagram.com/annie_odonnell_/

Katy: http://katycole.co.uk/

Sarah: https://www.sarahtulloch.co.uk/