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Bethany Hunton


Metals, canvas, paper, tape, plaster and many more kinds of accessible materials make up the radical sculptures and installations of artist Bethany Hunton. Focusing on the material of her works, your perspective of the work itself and its surroundings are changed as it inherits the properties of its surroundings. In a process of trial and error, Hunton tests these properties and closely examines the theory of materiality, the intertwining of material and site prompting us the question of where exactly art ends and begins. Frequently her works take on industrial and imposing forms, referencing her innate family connections with the Steelworks and is associated with her research into her local area’s heritage and it’s meaning to her.

Based in the North East and a member of the lace collective, Hunton has been pushing herself to get her work out there with selected shows including ‘LACE’, Pineapple Black Window Space, Middlesbrough (2021), ‘Picasso Baby: Digital Issues 003 and 002’, Online Zine (2021), ‘1:4’, WetDoveTail online gallery (2021), ‘Celebrate Everything, International Women’s Day’, Basecamp, Middlesbrough (2021), ‘Unlocked in Lockdown’, Wild Vision Art, Stockton (2020), ‘A Box of People’, Pineapple Black, Middlesbrough (2020) and ‘RoRo’s Festive Art Show’, RoRo Studio, Middlesbrough (2019). She has recently joined Navigator North as an artist in residence, researching and reliving the journeys of Middlesbrough’s heritage and is a studio holder at Platform A Gallery.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bethanyhuntonfa/