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Bordello Theatre


Started in 2010, Bordello Theatre is a collective of Queer, North East based artists. An open space host to multiple mediums and forms of expression, the collectives work is predominantly made up of collaborative processes that respond to space, place and people. They theatrically perform for a variety of spaces including Glastonbury festival, AND festival, Guild 2012, DiVerse, Manchester Pride and Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Bordello Theatre runs a range of programmes, exhibitions, performances and residencies in the Teesside area. Their latest 2019 work ‘The Pilgrims’ featured as part of Orange Pip Market and Middlesbrough Pop-Up Pride. Composed of an immersive ‘pop up queer ritual’, theatre artists engaged with audiences through talking, live music, poetry and theatre to create intimate and immersive micro performances. Whether your practice is performance, installation, digital media, design or dance, Bordello Theatre welcomes those who identify themselves, their practice or their world views as queer.