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Catherine Grainge


Distorting the original forms of familiar objects, artist Catherine Grainge conveys emotion in response to current events. She asks herself the question of how found objects and material choice can be used to represent common issues, particularly those facing young people. With symbolic meaning and personal experiences embedded into the material of her sculptures, installations, videos and as of late animations and rust prints, Grainge’s work are left open for others to project onto and interpret freely. Rust can mean decay and sorrow to one but new beginnings to another. 

Grainge graduated this year from MIMA School of Art. Shows include ‘The Upside Down Degree Show’, MIMA School of Art’s Graduate Gallery Website (2021), ‘Dwell Time Special COVID-19 Edition’, Dwell Time Website (2021), ‘1:4’, WetDoveTail Virtual Gallery (2021), ‘MIMA x Psyche’, Psyche, Middlesbrough (2020), ‘Reading Group’, a reading group for Fine Art students held at Parkside Studios, Teesside University (2020) and ‘Paris is Burning’ documentary screening, MIMA, Middlesbrough (2019).