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Charlie Love


Colour surrounds everyone, thoroughly affecting our emotions and the artistic practice of Charlie Love underlines this aspect of our lives. By making use of vibrant splash colours and stitch as a meditative practice, her large-scale paintings bring their own effects and become personal and meaningful with each viewer’s experience unique. Regardless of individual knowledge in art, Love’s paintings are her method of study towards colour’s effects on how it moves us and is open for people to participate in this investigation. 

Graduating this year from Northern School of Art, previous shows include ‘Northern School of Art Graduate Degree Show’, Northern School of Art, Hartlepool (2021), ‘Pineapple Black x LACE’, Pineapple Black Window Display, Middlesbrough (2021), interviewed by Lisa Lovebucket for the Teesside Rising Project (2021), Picasso Baby Digital Issue 002 (2020) and ‘Our Lasses 2’, Roro Studio, Middlesbrough (2020).