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Dominic Allan/Dominic From Luton


Dominic Allan, otherwise known by his alter as Dominic from Luton, has a deeply fascinating relationship with his hometown Luton. Described as a dreary place with uninspiring architecture and a lack of leisure facilities, Allan is unafraid to directly link himself with the small town via his alter ego and artwork titles to advance viewers’ engagement with it. Strategic and with reason, his innovative artistic ideas focus solely on Luton and span across multiple mediums in order to establish multiple access points. These access points allow consideration for the town’s contemporary aspects – history, geography, sport, culture, identity and so on. 

Past works such as his ‘Shoes off If You Love Luton!’ explore rather than challenge the insecurities surrounding the town’s reputation. Featuring the artist’s outstretched and up warding facing arm, an old sports shoe is held high against the dramatic blue sky with pride. Recent shows include ‘You Are The Arts Centre’ (Here & Now commission), Exeter Phoenix, Devon (2021), ‘Tess’s Cat’, Mustafa Hulusi Posters, 2 Hoxton Street London (2020), ‘Tomorrow Is Our Permanent Address’, East Street Arts, Leeds (2019), ‘Sweet Harmony: Rave / Today’, Saatchi Gallery, London (2019), ‘Sunridge Avenue Projects’, Luton, Bedfordshire (2016) and more.