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Evelyn Rodgers


Textile artist Evelyne Rodgers painstakingly recreates the overlooked parts of nature in the form of tapestries and sculptures. Inspired by the beautiful textures and patterns found in an array of climates, she celebrates these small, intricate details by bringing them forward into the larger world. Fabric is a manipulable material and Rodgers takes advantage of this to adjust the shape and colour of her works, creating a preserved copy of the original with striking precision. Her process of sewing and the tying of knots mimics the slow, natural growth of these forms and allows Rodgers to form a connection between herself and the work. 

As part of her graduating this year from MIMA School of Art, her work has been shown in ‘The Upside Down Degree Show’ on the school’s Graduate Gallery Website. Other shows include ‘MIMA x Psyche’, Psyche, Middlesbrough (2020), ‘Paris is Burning’ documentary screening, MIMA, Middlesbrough (2019) and she produced a series of illustrations for Rachael Howard’s Novel in the Lake District, Cumbria (2019).