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Jessamyn Fiore


Jessamyn Fiore is a curator and writer based in New York. After graduating from Sarah Lawrence College, New York in 2002, Fiore became the director of Thisisnotashop, an independent art gallery in Dublin, Ireland, from 2007-10. Supporting and communicating with emerging artists, exhibitions with Thisisnotashop include ‘Gordon Matta-Clark FOOD’ (2007) and ‘Fluxus’ with Larry Miller (2009). Since then, Fiore has completed her masters in Contemporary Art Theory, Practice and Philosophy from The National College of Art and Design, Dublin (2009) and is currently the co-director of the Estate of Gordon Matta-Clark. 

Her curated exhibitions include ‘Nasty Women Exhibition’, Knockdown Center, Queens (2017), ‘Process Series II’ with Dragana Jurisic, Katie Holden, Wendy White and Bahareh Khoshooee at Rawson Projects, New York (2017), ‘Artist Run New York: The Seventies’, Jean-Paul Najar Foundation, Dubai, UAE (2017), the travelling ‘Gordon Matta-Clark: Anarchitect’ exhibition (co-curator), Bronx Museum, New York (2017), Jeu de Paume, Paris (2018), Kumu Kunstimuuseum, Tallinn, Estonia (2019) and Rose Art Museum, Waltham, MA (2019),’II Machines: Clive Murphy & Trevor Tweeton’, Knockdown Center, Mespeth, Queens (2015), ‘Gordon Matta-Clark: Above and Below’, David Zwirner, New York (2013) and ‘112 Greene Street: The Early Years (1970-1974)’, David Zwirner, New York (2011) leading to her editing the Eponymous Catalogue, published by David Zwirner and Radius Books (2012).