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Jo Lathwood


Working with recycled materials, artist Jo Lathwood’s practice encompasses the themes of transition, journey, viewpoints and illusion in the forms of sculpture and spatial installation. The scale, context and process of her pieces vary widely depending on the specific site, event, material or process to which they respond to. She actively engages with viewers through her art and considers their response, driven by the need to describe an emotional state and immerse others in the experience through an associated narrative. 

From 2012-2019, Lathwood co-directed ‘Ore and Ingot’, an ambitious artist-run travelling bronze foundry in Bristol tying in with her ongoing 2016 experimentation with lava as an art material. Forming planetary shaped sculptures, Lathwood’s research centres on the process rather than the results of her work and was exhibited at the Earth Gallery, the University of Bristol in ‘Is It Magma?’ (2016). 

Today Lathwood explores temporary works after having lost interest in keeping her works. She is a trustee for BRICKS Bristol gallery and studio space and is part of the Spike Island Artspace Studio selection panel in Bristol. Selected shows include ‘Well Trodden Wrong Ways’, Thelma Hulbert Gallery, East Devon (2019), ‘Getting There’, Fabrica, Brighton, (2018), ‘Curious Formations’, commission at Biddulph Grange Garden, Stoke on Trent (2017) and ‘A Solid Above’, Hardwick Gallery, University of Gloucester (2016).