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MdZ Estate


Showcasing abandoned concrete tower blocks host to differing scenes of mass social, economic and environmental devastation, ESTATE is a model of a dystopian village open for critical analysis. Started in 2020, ESTATE examines the meaning of disaster, utopia, community, home and estate through each meticulously made block. Displayed in a 40ft shipping container, the eerily realistic model tours across Britain to places including Glasgow, Edinburgh, Hull and Stoke on Trent to joyfully engage with local communities and encourage creativity. 

The artist behind MdZ (Municipal Disaster Zone) ESTATE, Jimmy Cauty, responds to contemporary culture in experimental mediums such as model making, postage stamps and sonic weapons. A musician and record producer from Merseyside, he works with the L-13 Light Industrial Workshop in London to develop ambitious, darkly humoured projects and is the co-founder of the 1988 electronic music group The Orb. A previous and similar touring project ‘The Aftermath Dislocation Principle Riot Tour’ (ADP) (2013) also tours nationally but to sites of historic rioting and is composed of a large scale-model landscape of a looted and destroyed McDonalds with thousands of model police attending the scene.