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Narbi Price


Born 1979 in Hartlepool, Narbi Price lives and works as an acrylic painter and curator in Newcastle upon Tyne. His abstract, painterly style is rooted in the idea of unbiased representation and how individual perception of a place changes when we learn its history. Price acknowledges the present location and being of the places he paints, removing the choice in subject matter and establishing an autonomous area. During the 2020 lockdowns, Price’s focus has since shifted back to his hometown and his use of mediums expanded to include drawing and watercolour on a smaller A4 scale. His painted series ‘The Lockdown Paintings’ are collaborative and photo realistic depictions of the lockdowns restrictions with red and white striped tape weaved through public benches as the rhythmic subject matter. 

Price has recently completed his PhD at Newcastle University in partnership with Woodhorn Museum (2020). Artistic achievements include winning Visual Artist of the Year at The Journal Culture Awards 2018, the 2017 Contemporary British Painting Prize and the 2012 John Moore’s Painting Prize at Liverpool’s Walker Art Gallery. Recent solo and group exhibitions include ‘The Lockdown Interviews Exhibition’, The Cello Factory, London (2021), ‘The Ashington Paintings | Redux’, XL Gallery, Newcastle University (2020), ‘All I Start Will End’, Herrick Gallery, London (2019) and ‘Narbi Price’ and Galleria SIX, Milan, Italy (2014).