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Nicola Ellis


Intrigued by the internal workings of varying environments, Nicola Ellis observes, documents and corrupts the intended functions of these processes and materials. Frequently she encapsulates these environments by contributing something back to these dynamics, either by disrupting a process, creating a new way of operation or presenting an existing quality. Her work is impermanent and typically made of waste material, breaking away from the traditions of mid-twentieth century tradition of abstract metal sculpture, and instead relying on the visual language of industrial operations. 

Ellis is a member of Para-lab Manchester, a group of collaborating artists and material scientists, and The Incidental Unit, the current iteration of the Artists Placement Group. Selected shows include ‘No Gaps in the Line’ at Castlefield Gallery, Castlefield (2021), ‘Major Conversations’, Part 1 at Platform A Gallery, Middlesbrough and Part 2 at Turnpike Gallery, Leigh (2019), ‘Oh, it is Easy to be Clever if one Does Not Know All These Questions’, DOX, Prague and Castlefield Gallery (2018) and ‘Chemistry and Magic Straight Down the Line’, commission for The National Festival of Making, Blackburn (2018).