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Picasso Baby


Broad and inclusive to a spectrum of artists, mediums and practices is the Picasso Baby Project. Founded by artist and co-director of Pineapple Black Bobby Benjamin and 2019 Creative Factory Artist of the Year John James Perangie, the project brings together creatives from and beyond the Teesside region to collaborate in celebrating creative talent. The project holds multiple artist-led programmes including weekly Instagram collaborations and performances, artist interviews, digital zines and virtual and physical exhibitions to encourage artist and public engagement.  

Making a grand return as well since the pandemic is Picasso Baby’s feature event at Middlesbrough’s DIY venue Disgraceland. This weekly event gives free reign to creatives and allows them to build on the previous group’s works to create an ever-evolving collaboration piece. At the end of each week, the doors are opened to the public and people are invited to party with live music and performances provided. With each opportunity bringing a unique twist to the underground Teesside art scene, Picasso Baby provides the set of circumstances for people to connect creatively and share an idea inclusive canvas.