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Russ Walker

Transforming the scraps of the pandemic hit world into a dreamscape setting, Russ Walker brings people back together with his sculpture, drawings, short films and performance. He follows the natural forms of the materials he finds in combination with drawing. A thread that incorporates aspects of life and the world around us, drawing is a technique present throughout his works as a record of time whereas his use of sculpture focuses on the material itself with a figurative bent. Viewers may experience a recalibrated feeling of the everyday with what is essentially a poetic, meditative approach. 

In this year’s Art Weekender, Walker re-imagines, re-works and re-writes his old play dating back 1986 when he was earning his Fine Art degree at Cardiff College of Art. A mix of sculpture and physical performance, the loosely copied stage brings a fresh and updated outcome expanding on the original script whilst maintaining its experimental nature. The original performance itself involved 3 actors on a flimsy stage, discarding their scripts whilst the director attempts to control the situation and fix the stage.  The calamity of the stage reflects the character’s state of mind.