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Sharon Howard

What do we think we want from societal structure? What are we told to want? These questions are the focus of Sharon Howard’s current research led work. Drawn to the horror trope of the ‘cabin in the woods’, she explores the desire to retreat from society and its consequential conflict with our greatest fears. The nostalgia, beauty and fear derived from these ideas are investigated and presented in her large scale acrylic drawings, a convergence of abstraction and landscape, alongside reference to other inspirational artists; Thoreau’s hut in Walden, a romanticised ideal of a simplistic life close to nature, Uni-bombers hut, a withdrawal from cultural convention and Christopher Knight’s hermit camp, remaining isolated from human contact for 27 years. 

Howards work generally revolves around her interest in people’s relationships between themselves and their environment, stemming from personal experience and issues with today’s cultural climate. She has exhibited nationally in Sunderland, Middlesbrough and the Isle of Man.