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Stephanie Dinkins


Transmedia American artist Stephanie Dinkins employs emerging technologies alongside documentary filmmaking to create open dialogue about artificial intelligence. Her ongoing Projects ‘Not the Only One’ (2018) and ‘Conversations with Bina48’ (2014) both utilise machine learning and interviewing techniques to craft these collaborative narrations from a first-person perspective. AI is a subject capable of transcending race, age, gender and future history and Dinkins work explores the human consciousness through open conversation and data collection. She defines her art as a community practice, collaborating with communities of colour to co-create equal values grounded in social and technological aspects. 

Currently a professor at Stony Brook University and a member of the Art Advisory Committee for Simons Center for Geometry & Physics, Dinkins has recently completed the Knight Arts and Tech Fellowship at the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation (2021). Recent exhibitions and projects include ‘On Love & Data, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (2021), ‘Complementary’, OPEN Source Gallery, Brooklyn, New York (2020), ‘Secret Garden’, New Frontiers, Sundance Film Festival and ONX Studio, New York (2021), ‘Feminist Data Visualization’, Atlanta Contemporary (2021), ‘Design for Different Futures’, Walker Art Center (2020-21), ‘Uncanny Valley, DeYoung Museum, San Francisco, California (2021), ‘In Real Life’, Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago, IL (2020) and ‘The Question of Intelligence’, Parsons School of Design, New York (2020).