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Theresa Poulton


By manipulating line, shape and form in conjunction with bold colours and distorted perspectives, Theresa Poulton’s polychromatic paintings create vast illusory environments. Her DIY approach in using a custom colour palette mixed directly onto painted objects, installations and canvases mesmerise and exaggerate the sense of depth and space in her works. Though each brushstroke is precise, her work strays from perfection as it becomes part of and occupies various spaces. 

Born 1963 in Everton, Poulton today lives and works in Whitley Bay as a community artist and teacher to those with complex needs. Her collaborative painted series ‘Khyal’ is part of Durham University’s private art collection with other works in Newcastle University’s Business School’s private collection and many others. Shows and workshops include ‘LEGACY – 50 Years of Painting in the Tees Valley’, The Auxiliary, Middlesbrough (2019), ‘ANONYM’, North Tyneside Art Studio, Chilli Studios (2019), ‘Immediate Effect Big Circle Project/INOC Project’, M17 Contemporary Art Center, Kiev, Ukraine (2019), ‘Unfinished Business’, The Ex Libris Gallery and The Long Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne (2019), ‘Fully Awake 3:5’, Royal College of Art, London (2018) and ‘Khyal: Music and Imagination’, shown at Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne, New Walk Gallery, Leicester, The Oriental Museum, Durham, The Bhayan Asian Cultural Centre, London and the Nehru Centre, London (2016).