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Tom Schofield


Simultaneously situated in the worlds of art and science, designer and researcher Tom Schofield believes both fields are valid methods to contributing knowledge. On one hand, his public gallery and performance art practice actively engage with post-digital cultures contemporary issues including network politics and critical structure, and on the other, his design research expands upon designs established methods with a heritage context. One such research project took place during his PhD at Newcastle University, transforming design research methods into participant oriented work in Istanbul based around the land walls and how the people lived there. 

After graduating in 2015, Schofield went on to become a member of the institute for Creative Arts Practice Steering group and the NICAP Steering Committee. He is currently senior lecturer of digital culture at the university and part of the culture labs. Other works include ‘Declassifiers: Undoing Algorithmic Seeing’ (2020), ‘If & Only If’ (2020), ‘Accession’ (2019), ‘Public Sphere’ (2019), ‘Re Reader (With Nathan Jones and Sam Skinner’ (2017) and ‘Skin Codes (With Diego Trujillo Pisanty)’ (2016).

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tomschofieldart/?hl=en-gb