#MAW Auxiliary space Artists,


Shan Shan is an experimental filmmaker and video artist. Her film and installation work has been shown in the U.S and internationally. Working with both analog film and digital video, Shan Shan is very interested in the visual experience that can’t be contented by conventional dialogue. Her research centered practice focuses on exploring digital humanities and socio‐political interactions. Shan Shan is currently an Assistant Professor in Media Arts at Sacred Heart University, Connecticut, US.

Anyse Ducharme

Anyse Ducharme is a Canadian artist, based in northern Ontario. Her work is engaged with the circulation of digital imagery and the malleability of data. She has exhibited nationally and internationally, notable shows include Proof 23 at Gallery 44 (Toronto), extended party mix at Satellite Gallery (Vancouver), (Arti)fiction/Realities at la Galerie du Nouvel-Ontario (Sudbury), Digital Alterities at InterAccess Electronic Media Arts Centre (Toronto), and as part of the Flash Forward festival for emergent photography (Boston, Portland, Toronto). 

Title: a sound shaped drift 

Using a hydrophone I endeavoured to record the drift of the North Sea at 4 locations; Seaham, Seaton Carew, Redcar and Saltburn. The vastness of the sea was reduced to vibrational data and the sound was sliced into multiple fragments. These fragments iterated into different material; instances of sound shifted into sculptural and printed matter. to slow down, to contain, to drift and slide data within and outside of the computer apparatus 

Tomie Seo

I create works that depict socio-political subjects combined with racial and gender issues. My practice is a combination of multidisciplinary subject matters such as socio-political, philosophical, scientific and religious issues in order to describe principles and base structures of the world, phenomena and events. Everything is intertwined logically and illogically, and event, movement and history are made to be unseen and folded while the rules and relations in society change.

Tomie has a BA from the school of the Arts, Chicago, and an MA from The Royal College of Art, London. She has been resident at The Auxiliary for three months, where she has worked with many community and refugee groups throughout her project.

Laura Hunt

I am an Australian sound artist, in my 2nd year of Masters of fine arts  working on a new series of electronic sound compositions under the name LZONE. My project involves

research, sound and sculptural work. I am looking at the connections between, career, psychics and Google search engine algorithms as well as the personal spiritual quest and

how it’s being shaped by neoliberalism and capitalist immersion. I’m giving speculative answers as to where pop music will be in the future, how algorithms shape our future and in part I’m looking at youtube audio hypnosis and sonic trance with a capitalist bent for aesthetic guidance. “Cash, Money, Magic”…You are a chic magnet listen to this audio and “they’ll” be sucked in.

Laura will play FEED #5 at The House of Blah Blah May 20th, 7pm.

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© 2017 Middlesbrough Art Weekender All rights reserved.

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