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Thursday 6pm - 9pm Fri/Sat 10am - 4pm Sun 12-4pm


Gordon Matta Clark, Narbi Price, Ben Long, Stephanie Dinkins, Anna Ridler, Alan Hathaway, Annie O'Donnell, Sarah Tulloch, Katy Cole, Jo Lathwood, Braden King, Gordon Dalton





This event has passed.


What does it mean to speak of autonomy – artistic, political, cultural, financial – at a time when reality has been turned on its head? Anarchist formulations of autonomy question ideas of the legitimate authority of the state, bringing into question tensions between responsibility, co-operation, between formulating paths for as well as against. Autonomy does not exist in a vacuum – it’s not individualism, it’s not independent ‘self-realization’, there is always a negotiation going on: between people, materials and the environment.

Each artist and group represented here engages with some form of negotiation with history, landscape, memory, icon, the state, technology, or each other. Their approach may be experiential and discursive, absurdist and combative, documentarian, sardonic, or plumbing the depths for the elusive.

To borrow from Bertolt Brecht, “reality changes; in order to represent it, modes of representation [and modes of negotiation] must change”.