The Dispersed Gallery

Curated by Paul Stewart and Liam Slevin

Adam Gibney // Amanda Beech // Benjamin Busch //Fiona Kelly // Milos Trakilovic // Oran O’Reilly // Richard Forrest // Shirin Fahimi // Wolfgang Bittner

The Middlesbrough Gallery of Contemporary Art is a tongue-in-cheek popup gallery to coincide with the Middlesbrough Art Weekender. Hosting nine international artists across three sites, M.G.C.A. seeks out new territories for a dispersed gallery. The work on show will include video, sculpture, print and installation. 

The curatorial framework of the Dispersed Gallery proposes an overarching theme, the dispersed experimental gallery, which offers an alternative way to navigate the shows as if they were parts of a deconstructed gallery programme. The suggestion is that between pop-up sites and existing public institutions and galleries, the Weekender can offer a middle-ground in Middlesbrough of the practices from within, and those which have been brought into the town. Continuing on with the theme of physical navigation all the invited artists, in some way, have considerations in their practices about movement, bodies, spatiality, language and communication. All of these themes are rooted in how social and physical navigation is undertaken and reflects the thematic of the Weekender to consider a re-navigation of a town as a gallery.  What the Weekender is presenting is a possible route to demonstrate Middlesbrough to a larger stage as the creative and critical space that it is.  

The M.G.C.A. will also host a number of workshops through out the weekend and act as the festival hub and information booth.

M.G.C.A. – Exhibition A

Middlesbrough Gallery Of Contemporary Art,

31, 55-57, 65 Albert Rd. Middlesbrough TS1

Fri 10am – 5pm

Sat 10am – 6pm

Sun  10am – 3pm

ABC of Racist Europe

Daniela Ortiz 

The Peru-born, Spain-based artist Daniela Ortiz draws on her own experience as an immigrant to examine national and international migratory control systems. In Middlesbrough, Ortiz has led workshops with people seeking asylum, particularly single mothers and their pre-school children, to deal with some of the issues they face, from racism to perceptions around the ‘refugee crisis’. The exhibition gives a platform to these concerns, and the featured pieces include a children’s book that challenges stereotypes associated with migration as well as documents, recordings of lectures, films and paintings depicting scenic views of border territories. 

Stephen Willats // Human Right

Stephen Willats examines connections between personal narratives and social conditions through themes of class and power. He looks at how individuals produce their subjectivity vis-à-vis reality, and how their experience of the world is shaped by systems of interdependent relations.

Two decades ago Willats collaborated with the Middlesbrough Art Gallery on a project involving several organisations in the town, from the library to the mosque. For this exhibition he returned to Middlesbrough to work with local community developers on a new project.

This new project is put into context with pieces created since the late 1970s. This selection focuses on problems faced by people during their everyday lives, challenges of modern society that might compromise their civil rights.

Human Right continues in locations between the museum and Parliament Road. Please pick up a flyer to read more. On view until 4 June. Photography for personal use only due to copyright restrictions. Please speak to a member of staff for further information.

mima – Exhibition B

Middlesbrough Institute Of Modern Art,

Centre Square, Middlesbrough TS1 2AZ   

Fri / Sat 10am – 4:30pm

Sun  12 – 4pm

Category Error Sarah Tulloch // Katy Cole // Annie O Donnell 

Category Error situates artists as initiators in the search for identity and attachment in an ongoing period of displacement and uncertainty. It continues the tradition of collage as a strategy for cultural critique and for making connections and transformations across geographical, political and social differences. The exhibition project was initiated by Sarah Tulloch as part of an ACE grant to complete her first artist’s book, ObjectImage, with American publishers, Daylight Books. Alongside the publication launch, Sarah was keen to work with other North East artists with similar concerns over an extended period, to produce new bodies of work for public exhibition.

Through the use of the cut-out and sculptural assemblage, the artists of Category Error examine idiosyncratic ways of working, both individually and collaboratively, where making and exhibiting become research tools to examine parochial, subjective approaches to ‘collage practice’ itself. The artists deliberately employ category ‘errors’ that blend abstraction with the figurative, parts with the whole, and thinking with making. These ideas have been forming over a period of several months via investigations into their shared roots in movements from Dada to Arte Povera and Arte Útil. 

Platform A – Exhibition C

Middlesbrough Train Station Middlesbrough TS1 1EG

Fri 10am – 4pm 

Sat 10am – 4pm 

SubLime celebrates and showcases the work of our graduating students in Fine Art, Design, History, English and Performing Arts.

For more information or to book to attend an event please visit www.tees. ac.uk/sublime

Opening – Sublime – Teesside University, School of Design, Culture & the Arts Degree Shows 2017 

Fine Art, Design, 

History 23rd May 2017  

Athena building, Teesside University

SubLime – Exhibition D

The School of Design, Culture & the Arts Teesside University, 

Bright Boys 

Camille Rouzaud // Harry Garrens  

Reflecting the vibrancy of youth culture, New York based Camille and Middlesbrough’s finest Harry Garrens will showcase their body of exploratory street photography, based around juvenile freedom, nomadic civilizations, space and details of cultures.

Lost Boys 

Gemma Tierney  // KA Bird // Stephen Irving

An exhibition by KA Bird, Stephen Irving and Gemma Tierney, three members of the #MAW team. Bringing their work together especially for this exhibtion sees the artists in an exploration of collaboration and curation, blending together each of their individual styles.

The House of BlahBlah – Exhibition E

Exchange House, Exchange Square, Middlesbrough TS1  

Fri 10am – 4:00pm 

Sat 10am – 5pm

Phil Gatenby // Bobby Benjamin // Charlie Howard 

Arts organization Dovetail Joints present the latest exhibition at their transient space, Felix the Gallery.

Housed above Middlesbrough’s legendary Club Bongo International, ‘Felix…’ will play host to an experimental exhibition of new and unseen paintings by Phil Gatenby. The exhibition will also feature an ensemble of other painters across a range of styles and techniques. Included in this is a preview of the new collection by innovator and founder of the gallery, Bobby Benjamin, and work by Flowermouth’s Charlie Howard. Gatenby himself will be present to act as host.

OFelix Gallery – Exhibition Fpening Event

Bridge St W (above Club Bongo), Middlesbrough TS2 1BJ

Opening Thurs 18th 

Sat 11am – 4pm 

For Rhythm and Hues, David Griffiths presents digital artworks that are a blend of true representation and stylistic interpretation. Offering unique and vibrant multi-dimensional images that merge between reality and abstraction, his work captures the natural world, dynamic shapes from architecture and emotion from portraiture. 

In his artwork he also explores the complex aspects of perspective and dimension combined with vibrant and dynamic colours blended with the subtle use of light, shadow and reflections. 

David Griffiths will be presenting a talk on his work on Friday 4:30pm – 5:30pm at Python Gallery

Python gallery – Exhibition G

Royal Middleshaven House, Gosford Street, Middlesbrough TS2 1BB

Fri 8:30am – 5pm 

In Flight Entertainment 


An exhibition of mixed-scale paintings, the next step forward from his paintings and murals within the built environment.  An adventurous artist, illustrator/designer living and working in Gateshead, UK creating works in a variety of media using the main subject of birds as a metaphor for freedom.

Off The Ground – Exhibition H

63 Grange Rd. , Middlesbrough, TS1 5AS   

Fri/Sat 7am – 4pm

Sun 10am – 4pm

Please see gallery for more information

Tunnel Gallery – Exhibition I

Train Station, Albert Rd. , Middlesbrough TS1 1EG 

Fri/Sat/Sun 8am – 10pm 

Erin Blamire // Eleanor Beth Haswell // Georgia Gibson // Izzy Kroese

Shy Bairns is a multi-disciplinary collective specialising in DIY arts publications.

They aim to gather Northern creatives together on one platform to showcase their works. Due to a lack of resources and funding, accessible northern gallery spaces are limited; Shy Bairns has therefore created a platform that does not rely on institutional support for the promotion of artists.

Over the Weekender, Shy Bairns will work with artists and visitors to produce works about the North East. Artists involved will work in a range of mediums, including illustration, collage and textiles. Their aim is to interact with the public as much as possible to make a collaborative creative space.

The work produced will then be edited and printed live by one of the team members. On Sunday the publication will be finalized and launched, showcasing the work and giving the public an opportunity to receive a copy.

Shy Bairns – Exhibition J

Dundas House, 41 Dundas St, Middlesbrough TS1 1HR

Fri/Sat 10am – 6pm

Sun 10am – 3pm

Who wants flowers when you’re dead?

Lizz Brady // David Shrigley // Kirsty Harris // Paul Digby // David Sherry

Broken Grey Wires is a contemporary art organisation responding to and exploring mental health, philosophy, psychology and everything in between.

They work closely with the community, critically acclaimed artists and major institutions, to open up a dialogue and provide inspiration and opportunities for people with mental health difficulties. Renowned psychiatrist R.D Laing proclaimed that “Madness need not be all breakdown. It may also be break-through.” Over the weekend, Broken Grey Wires will create a space for people to feel comfortable and participate in the project, for art to become a facilitator for recovery, and for Broken Grey Wires to encourage people to make something special for themselves.

Broken Grey Wires – Exhibition K

Central Halls, 108A Borough Rd. , Middlesbrough TS1 2HJ 

Fri/Sat 10am – 6pm

Sun 10am – 3pm

Matt Antoniak // Oaktamtantin

Slugtown is an off-site project run by members of the artist collective M I L K. Based in a residential property in Newcastle upon Tyne, Slugtown provides the opportunity of solo exhibitions for emerging and early-career artists. Slugtown is run by Matt Antoniak, James Hindle, Max Lee, Joe Shaw, Matt Wilkinson.

Matt Antoniak’s work broadly concerns the idea of identity. Working primarily in painting and drawing, Antoniak is interested in how identity can be constructed, distorted and warped – particularly in a post-internet world.

Scans, photocopies and photographs are used and layered to create imagery that often distances the original reference material. For Middlesbrough Art Weekender, Antoniak will show a number of new paintings concerned with these ideas.

Slugtown – Exhibition L

65 Albert Rd. (Side entrance, above Optical Express) 

Middlesbrough TS1 1NG 

Fri/Sat 10am – 6pm

Sun 10am – 3pm

Tomie Seo // Anyse Ducharme // Shan Shan

The Auxiliary Project Space will host a pop-up open studio where the public can come and see the work of three artists that are currently undertaking the artist-in-residence programme at The Auxiliary.

The work on show will be across a number of disciplines including drawing, painting, sound and vr technologies.

The Auxiliary – Exhibition M

55-57 Albert Rd, Middlesbrough TS1  

Fri/Sat 10am – 6pm

Sun 10am – 3pm


Opening @ mima with performances by Harold Offeh and Omsk Social Club ft. PUNK IS DADA. The Smeltry will be providing nourishment, with music by a special guest.

Harold Offeh//Industry is a Drag. Offeh, known for his spontaneous and dynamic performances, here playfully uses objects associated with Middlesbrough’s industrial heritage as a starting point to explore the dynamics of work, labour, gender and masculine power. The performance further explores Offeh’s interest in using the body, durational actions and popular music to activate histories and archival materials.

Omsk Social Club feat Dada is Dead//Spiritual Vandalism A new media performance commissioned for the festival investigating the relationship between communities and speculative sites of emotive politics. Omsk Social Club…. has developed a performative experience that looks to unpick ideas of survival and sensory experience through a motif of interventions that question both self-design and couture culture embedded in our 21st century psyche. The performance attempts to engage the audience  whilst simultaneuosly treating them as obstacles. Dancers and a spoken word/slang narrative will produce a rhythmic experience of a moving tumblr feed Throughout the performance Omsk attempts to engage subvert the environment to look deeper into our relationships between our digital and physical selves.

Opening Event

Middlesbrough Institute Of Modern Art

Centre Square, Middlesbrough TS1 2AZ

Fri 6pm – 10pm

Free to attend 

In an age where communication can be whittled down to an emoji, we want to bring it back to a good old fashioned chin wag.

Over the weekend, The Smeltery will host Chew the Cud, where artists, patrons, the public, passers-by and anyone with an interest can come and share some delicious slow cooked food in an informal setting. Talk, listen, engage, ponder or applaud whatever comes up over the course of a meal. The table is open to all so don’t be shy.

As Middlesbrough Art Weekender’s culinary partner, The Smeltery will also be offering lunch deals to visitors of the festival. For more details, visit www.middlesbroughartweekender.com, or just ask at the café.

The Smeltery is run by Luke Harding of the award winning The Waiting Room restaurant. It cooks slow, using seasonal ingredients, as well as serving locally produced beers, liquors and soft drinks. 

Chew The Cud

Middlesbrough Institute Of Modern Art,

Centre Square, Middlesbrough TS1 2AZ

Fri/Sat/Sun 1pm – 2:30pm

Holiday Inn Express Middlesbrough – Centre Square is proud to host George Rowbotham for Middlesbrough Art Weekender. The hotel Business Centre will be transformed into a typical designer atelier all weekend, showcasing George’s bespoke pieces.

The designer and his assistants will be working on pieces over the weekend, from beading, appliqué and hand finishing to the illustration and design development that typically occurs on a bespoke order.

Feel free to drop in, speak with George and his team about the products, the craftsmanship and the values that have inspired this unique haute couture experience.

Atelier – GM Rowbotham

Holiday Inn Express Middlesbrough

Albert Rd, Middlesbrough TS1 2PQ

Fri/Sat 12pm – 6pm

Sun 12pm – 3pm 

Come sneak a peak at what happens behind the scenes at Platform Arts and Gilkes Street Artists. On Saturday between 10 – 4pm the artists will be on standby to answer any questions or inquires about the work.

Platform Arts; Tony Charles //  Lorraine Brown // Eamonn Mcgovern // Andrew Mckeown Simon Mckeown // Steve Simpson // Frances Julie Whitelaw // Amy Bean Alistair Foulton // Claire Harrison

Gilkes Street Artists; Emma Bennett // Jenni Thirlwell // John Wheeler // Leanne Jackson // Dot Seddon // Dianne Bowell // Brian Russell // Ray Husband

Open Studio

Platform Arts & Gilkes Street Artists

See N & o on the map

Sat 10am – 4pm    

Free to attend 

Cursus (Chris Whitehead) // Haremeggedon // Laura Hunt Plastiglomerate & Monocrete // More TBA

Video installation by Aimee Suggitt  

A night of drone, ambient and noise music. FEED is a nomadic series of experimental sound & music events organized and curated by Thomas Tyler and Liam Slevin. 

FEED #5 

The House of Blah Blah 

Exchange House, Middlesbrough TS1 1DB

Sat 7pm – 11pm   

Pay £5 – £8 (You Decide) 

A new 3 channel audio work by Áine O’ Dwyer, commissioned by The Middlesbrough Art Weekender.

Synth beasts in synth engines in synth fields in synth caves  was created while O’Dwyer was on residency at the Auxiliary Project Space in Stockton-on-Tees. Utilizing the organ at All Saints Church, Middlesbrough, and the acoustic space of the train station, O’Dwyer has created an intense, beautiful, listening event. 

Synth beasts in synth engines in synth fields in synth caves 

Middlesbrough Train Station Albert Rd. TS2 1AH

Event Sun 9am – 11am 

Free to attend 

3sided football was conceived in the 1960s by the Danish Situationist Asger Jorn. In this game, three, not two, teams would strive on a hexagonal pitch, collaborating rather than merely competing, and agreeing amongst themselves what was allowable and not allowable, rather than being controlled by an outside force. In other words: no rules, no refs. Sign up at info@middlesbroughartweekender.com 

Rules; (So much for no rules!)

1. Scoring A team does not count the goals it scores, only the goals it concedes. The winner is the team that concedes the fewest goals. 

2. Throw-ins / goal-kicks / corners On the hexagonal pitch, each team has two sides of the six-sided pitch: the side with the goal (the ‘backside’) and the side opposite to your goal (the ‘frontside’). If the ball goes out on one of your two sides, you get the throwin / goal-kick. If it went out off you, the throw-in or corner goes to the team whose own goal is nearest to where the ball went out. 

3. Referees While there is a temptation to have no referees with the following dictat in mind: ‘The game deconstructs the mythic bi-polar structure of conventional football, where an us-and-them struggle mediated by the referee mimics the way the media and the state pose themselves as “neutral” elements in the class struggle’, the match will have two referees, able to make discerning philosophical judgements. 

4. Duration of match Ideally, teams will play until people get bored, start to wander off, fall asleep etc: however, three thirty-minute ‘halves’ with teams rotating goals would work well.

3Sided Football

Centre Square (outside mima)

Sun 1pm – 3pm     

Free to attend 

Free to attend Walk through of the main exhibition space and pop-up sites with the curators.

Curatorial Talk

Various locations

Starting point: 55-57 Albert Rd.

Sat 11am  – 12pm 


Dinosaurs need hugs too! Artist and writer Stephen Irving will lead this workshop, where children under ten and their parents are invited to hear Stephen read from his book, Dinohugs, and then draw and colour their own creations. There will be a competition with a chance for your drawings to be included within Stephens next book. All materials are provided.  Admission: FREE but ticketed. Book through Event brite. Please note that all children must be accompanied by an adult.   

Eventbrite Link

Dinohugs: Drawing for Kids Workshop 

Middlesbrough Town Library Albert Rd. TS1 2QJ

Sat 10:30am  – 12pm 

Free to attend but booking required 

Here kids have an opportunity to drop in to M.G.C.A., to engage with the work and give their own interpretation through a series of informal workshops and events that will take place throughout the afternoon, including chalk drawing, working with shadows – and you could even make your very own speaker!

Suitable for 6 +. Please note that children under ten years of age will need to be accompanied by an adult. 

Drop-in workshops

55 – 57 Albert Rd. Middlesbrough TS1

Sat 12pm  – 4pm

Free to attend 

Lizz Brady from Broken Grey Wire (see exhibitions) will be hosting a t-shirt making workshop. The workshop will be looking at social media, focusing on the idea that we can each live a double life though our social media accounts, which can have a negative impact on our own and other people’s mental health.

With social media new feeds full of positive, smiling, fun looking pictures, it is easy to forget that everybody goes through times of struggle and we are not alone. For the workshop, each participant will have the opportunity to draw or write their own authentic ‘status update’ on their t-shirt. This could be something they have always wanted to say out loud; a secret, an opinion, an inspiration, a judgement, a dream or a desire.

All t-shirts will be documented with a Polaroid photograph, with the creators name under their picture, and displayed on the wall, thus becoming part of the exhibition.

t-shirt making workshop

Central Halls, 108A Borough Rd.  Middlesbrough TS1 2HJ

Sat 1pm  – 2pm    

Free to attend 

Ambulation ‘to walk or move from place to place’

Incorporating performance, walking and field recording, Tim Shaw offers a sound responsive journey through Middlesbrough, immersing the audience in a familiar yet abstracted environment. 

During a guided walk through a specially chosen area of the city, participants will receive an audio feed of live recordings, locational radio broadcasts and electromagnetic energy from their immediate environment through a pair of wireless headphones. Sounds are processed, layered and re-introduced live by Tim using a selection of listening technologies and a variety of different microphones. A live improvisation with the immediate soundscape that plays with memory, intuition and impulse – unique each time it is performed.

Tim Shaw has worked internationally as an artist, performer and sound designer. His practice incorporates diverse approaches to sound capture and processing, and includes creating site responsive performance installations. His compositional methods include field recordings, synthesized sounds and live electronics, providing a wide scope for creative diversity. 

Eventbrite Link

Tim Shaw / Ambulation

Various locations

Starting point: mima       

Sun 11am  – 12pm

Pay what you decide 

This session is an opportunity to develop your skills and confidence working with a nude life model. All classes are devised and delivered by artist Jackie Steven. For those aged 14 and over.

Cost: £10.00, materials included. 

Booking is essential from the mima reception desk or website. www.visitmima.com

nude life drawing class

Middlesbrough Institute Of Modern Art,

Centre Square, Middlesbrough TS1 2AZ 

Sun 12:30pm – 3:30pm


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